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Zero-Waste Sales: Engage Stale and Lost Leads

No SDR enjoys working low quality leads, it's especially frustrating to engage leads that have explicitly or implicitly made clear that they won't be buying from you. Why invest the time if you have better leads to work through? Deeploop's A.I. takes the heat off of your SDRs and works low expected return leads like a champ.

Why bother

The expected return of working stale, cold and lost leads is low so why should you invest time working them? Even if conversion rates for these leads are incredibly low compared to other tactics, the results achieved can't be ignored. Our data indicates that there's real value slumbering within the depths of our CRMs or Inboxes that is neglected or forgotten by 4 out of 5 companies. For companies serious about growing top-line revenue working these prospects is a strategy worth considering. However given the low conversion rates it's not easy to justify the resource investment depending on contract values.

The limits of Marketing

The consensus when it comes to handling cold leads was all about nurturing leads through content marketing to avoid consuming human capital. Content a lead should respond to once she becomes an interested buyer again. However buyer attention is scarce and for most companies today email content marketing fails to make a strong case anymore. Marketing click-through rates have been reaching new lows with every passing year, consistently and at an accelerating rate.
But until now it is a good enough approach to capture a piece of the revenue without investing large into real humans to work low quality leads. While human-to-human emails perform significantly better than marketing campaigns, the human cost clearly exceeds expected revenue per lead.

Zero-Waste Sales

For an A.I. powered sales workforce cold, stale and lost leads are especially interesting targets: The low expected return doesn't justify human capital investment. However an A.I. with minimal upfront cost as compared to salaries for real humans can be deployed to work leads continuously and personally, initiating real conversations to gauge interest and readiness to buy.

So Deeploop enables human-like sales conversations without creating the human-like cost to your operation, making it an ideal solution to tackle stale leads.