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Outbound Campaigns

This guide demonstrates a potential implementation of Deeploop to run outbound campaigns on cold leads. Engage your leads in 1-to-1 conversations instead of spamming them with mass-mails.


Autonomously engage, follow-up and qualify a list of cold leads.



Qualification steps for the new leads:

  1. First, ask if they are the right person to talk to (and if not ask for a referral).
  2. Then, ask for their main pain points.
  3. Finally, ask if they are interested in meeting a sales rep for a demo.

→ Hand-over to a human rep if all milestones are passed.


Deeploop should answer the following questions (otherwise escalate to a human rep):

  • What is the pricing?
  • What is the product doing?
  • Can you give me some examples?
  • Where are you located?


Below is an example of what a conversation with a lead would look like.

I. Engagement

I.a. First Message

Each lead from the batch will be contacted, but let's focus on the conversation with one (here: John Doe working at ABC Corp). Following the given instructions, Deeploop AI assistant (here: Susan Scales) engages him:

From: Susan Scales
Subject: John, Are you the right person to talk to at ABC Corp?
Hi John,

Deeploop is a sales & marketing AI assistant that brings automation and systemization to your lead qualification processes. It engages with your leads by email, follows up autonomously, answers their questions and ultimately hands them over to your human reps when they are qualified.

Its capabilities can be sum up in 3 points:
  1. Your AI assistant communicates with your leads in 1-to-1 conversations.
  2. Conversations are highly customizable.
  3. Live Dashboard shows live where in the funnel are your leads, what they asked, what is their status etc.
Would you be the right person to discuss Deeploop at ABC Corp?

Best, Susan

I.b. Persistent Followup

Deeploop keeps on following up and pushes for the qualification milestone until the lead replies:

From: Susan Scales

I hope all is well. I just wanted to follow up on my previous message.
Would you be the right person to discuss how AI could help ABC Corp?

Best, Susan
From: Susan Scales
Hi John,

Just wanted to make sure my message doesn't fall through the cracks.
Could you point me toward the right interlocutor to discuss Deeploop?

Best, Susan
From: John Doe
Hi Susan,
I'm the person you should talk to! I apologize, I'm swamped this week.

Deeploop seems interesting, I'd like to know more. What's the pricing like?

Kind Regards, John

I.c. Notes on Followups

  • Deeploop handles the whole writing of the follow-up campaigns.
  • The AI engine dynamically tries several possible strategies (different timings, follow-up messages...) and finds the optimal strategies to get positive replies from the lead. One way to see that is as a massive A/B testings (but with dozens of different campaigns).
  • Email events are tracked (openings, link clicks etc.) and integrated in the strategy. For instance, a lead opening twice an email in a row will instantanously receive a follow-up message.
  • Deeploop is in norm with the new GDPR regulation.

I.d. Already having a tool for Engagement?

Are you already using a tool for your cold outreach (Sendgrid,, Salesloft, PersistIQ)? Having your previous campaigns already setup on those tools, Deeploop can connect with them and take over the conversation when the lead replies! (see next - Section II).

II. Conversation & Qualification

When John finaly replies back, Deeploop moves to the next qualification step, while answering the question about pricing:

From: Susan Scales
Thanks for your response John. I know the feeling...

Our pricing starts at $45 per month and is performance-driven. You only get charged for the leads that engage positively in the conversation. We also offer a 1-month free trial. You can find more information here.

Deeploop can be used for a variety of use-cases: engage & qualify inbound leads, talk to stale leads in CRM/Salesforce, autonomously run outbound campaigns, activate customer after a signup & answer their questions, nurture leads etc.

The setup allows for a lot of flexibility so could you let me know what are your current pain points at ABC Corp?

Best, Susan
From: John Doe
Our main pain points are:
  • we are struggling with lead volume. we have hundreds of untouched leads in our Salesforce we don't have the resource to engage.
  • my reps lose time answering always the same simple questions by email.
  • I would also like to start running some outbound campaigns.
Do you integrate with Marketo?

Kind Regards, John

III. Escalation

John replies back with a question which isn't in the knowledge base. Deeploop can't answer directly:

Do you integrate with Marketo?

Deeploop understands the situation and asks for help to the lead owner:


The lead owner instructions are followed and the knowledge assimilated by Deeploop's AI for further usage. The qualification continues:

From: Susan Scales
Perfect, Deeploop can help with all of that!

Yes, we integrate with Marketo and Pardot. They can be used as sources of leads or events to help personalize the conversations with the leads.

Would you be interested in meeting one of our product specialists during the week?

IV. Hand-over to Human Owner

When the lead passes the last qualification milestone, he is escalated to a human rep (here: Amanda) for a demo call:

From: John Doe
Sure, this week might be tight, but the next one should be good.

From: Susan Scales

Please meet my colleague Amanda (in cc). She is one of our an Account Executives and she will take it from there.

It was great discussing with you!


Simply give instructions to your Deeploop AI assistant on how it should qualify your leads and it will:

  • Engage them in natural 1-1 conversations.
  • Find optimal follow-up strategies for them.
  • Answer their questions (while asking for help if a new situation is encountered).
  • Finally allow your reps to spend their on only truly qualified leads!